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Opel Astra 1.6

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Toyota Corolla 1.4

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Suzuki Swift 1.2

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VW Golf 1.4

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Toyota Yaris 1.2

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Opel corsa 1.2


Air conditioning
5 seats
5 doors
2 Laggage
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√  Unlimited mileage
Third Party Liability
Paid all road taxes
Theft Waiver THW
Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
Airport Fees
V.A.T. 20 %
Out of hours charge
Local taxes
Delivery and collection charges

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from Sep
till Jun
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25 € 24 € 22 € 18 €

Cheap rent a car Burgas, Bulgaria
Car rental company Bravo offers a wide selection of rentals in Bulgaria to meet nearly every need. Cheap rent a car Burgas includes economy vehicles which are suitable for city traffic and for long-distance trips. Cheap cars class includes Vw Golf, Opel Astra and Toyota Yaris. Low cost rental is available at all airports in Bulgaria. Bravo cheap rent a car provides service at Burgas airport, Varna airport, Sofia airport and Plovdiv airport. With car rental locations through Bulgaria you can choose pick-up and drop-off options which best fit you - a Vw Polo, an Opel Astra or a
Toyota Yaris.The small economy cars are fun to drive and easy to slip into a parking space .The cheap rent a car maneuver in tight, congested traffic and move well in tight spaces. The Vw Polo, the Opel astra and Toyota Yaris are economy city cars and they guarantee comfortable ride and practical interior.
Having your own car in Burgas Bulgaria is an incredibly practical and flexible way of traveling. And when traveling with a company is also a cheap solution compared to public transport. When you book a rental car for the first time, it is normal for you to encounter a number of incomprehensible moments for you and that, ultimately, it's all unbelievable simply to rent a cheap car in Burgas. If you are searching for cheap cars rent a car Burgas or airport Bourgas, you find the perfect car rental company for your vacation for your individual needs. Bravo cheap cars is present for years in the car rental industry in the important airports in Bulgaria for cheap car hire for any budget, low cost car and economy vehicles. When you visit the page for cheap cars rent a car Burgas, you will choose between different car makes and models.
Cheap cars rent in Burgas are compact and ideal for maneuver through the city and are easier to park. They are one of the most preferred rental cars not only because of the small size but also the lower rental cost per day.
In order to help those who want to rent a cheap car, Bravo rent a car Burgas offers services at the most convenient prices. For the vacation in Bulgaria this summer, you can hire a cheap car to drive yourself and your family from one travel destination to the next. Enjoy easy car rental bookings for one of our locations in cities, airports, resorts and neighbourhoods near Burgas. Pick up one of our cheap cars and hit the roads in Burgas area and beyond . Make sure to discover Burgas's diverse neighbourhoods. Burgas offers many tourist attractions in very small area. Whether it's a trip for families, couples, single travelers or friends, you'll find many things to do in Burgas. The hardest part of planning your holiday will be deciding which to do first.
In Burgas there are many attractions that represent the Bulgarian culture and spirit of the Black Sea coast. Burgas is a picturesque town surrounded by green vineyards and peach orchards. The holiday in Burgas is not expensive, because here you will find cheap hotels and reasonable prices to all wellness facilities. With a cheap rental car in Burgas, you will be able to enjoy the city without the hassle of taxi cabs or other public transportation. When you have a vehicle , you can to get around and have the most of your vacation. There are three beautiful lakes - Atanasovsko, Burgas and Mandra. They are the famous attractions that impress the extraordinary beauty. Burgas is located between the sea and the first two lakes. The relatively small town of Burgas does not have many attractions that would attract crowds of tourists. That makes the life in the resort of Burgas calm - ideal for those who want a break from the bustling rhythm of the metropolis . Throughout the year Burgas airport Sarafovo accepts flights from the country and from abroad. Enjoy the ease of picking up your vehicle at the airport just when you arrive. Take a cheap rental car from Sarafovo airport and to make your journey in Bulgaria a pleasure.
Need a car for a trip outside the city, or you came to the city of Burgas and want to ride around the townit, or maybe you need to make a few trips and you do not want to spend money on a taxi. Cheap cars rent a car Burgas can greatly simplify the movement in Bulgaria. Experienced managers of our company will provide you with a cheap rental car in the shortest possible time. Cheap cars rent a car Burgas in economy class are suitable for a company of three people or four people. Cheap car hire in Bourgas Bulgaria economy class has never been so convenient. Hire a car at a low cost on the website on the Internet, your car will be ready on the promised day .
The best prices for cheap cars rent a car Burgas you can get if you book online in advance. In the summer season, for example, finding a car is almost impossible and the longer you wait, the higher the prices. If you know the date of your trip, make your reservation as early as possible. The system will offer you different options depending on the vehicle class, number of seats, equipment and extras.
Cheap cars rent Burgas afford comfort and getting rid of a lot of trouble. A private car has much more advantages than, for example, taxi and public transport. If you want to relax in Burgas Bulgaria, to explore the city, its culture and see interesting places, the best thing is cheap car rental and to spend your vacation well, funny and get the most benefit. If you are planning a summer vacation, you need to make a reservation in advance for a few months before coming to Bulgaria at the best prices. The vacation is long-awaited, all hard workers waiting for their deserved holiday. Take a break and make your beach vacation unforgettable. You can enjoy all the beauty and fun of Burgas, which has been prepared for you by this city on the Black Sea. If you have a car, you can travel in Bulgaria, tour the coast, all the major resorts in the neighboring towns, so that to have a great time.
With Bravo you can rent a car at a low price. Upon arrival at Burgas airport you will need a car, then contact with our company. All cars rented out are under technical support and insured. When renting for a long time, the car is provided at a special cheaper price. Bravo car rental in Burgas offers any duration of car rental.

If you are looking for a small budget car for the holiday in Burgas Bulgaria, Bravo rent a car Burgas offers economy rental cars in category cheap cars. The main advantage of the economy cheap cars is their compactness. Renting a small car with air conditioning in Burgas is the perfect solution for moving in the city , its surroundings on the Black Sea coast. It is the best to book a rental car in advance via internet. Booking online is cheaper than renting a car from the same category directly at the hotel or even on place. At the hotel is always more expensive. The rental rules for hiring a car are typical. Only persons over 25 can rent a car.
Until recently rent a car Burgas was considered as not cheap and hard-to-reach service, today it can be said that this is one of the most convenient ways to get around and reach destination in Bulgaria. Define the dates of your trip. Then choose where it will be most convenient for you to pick up a cheap rental car and where to get it back. When traveling abroad, this is usually the airport where you arrive and leave, but it is also possible to pick from other points. With the free pick up service, it is easy to hire a car from one of many rental locations throughout Burgas.
If you consider the options and possibilities for renting a car cheaply in Burgas in Bulgaria, that can be found on our website offering cheap cars at competitive prices. Our staff will help you to select a car depending within your budget, which you determined. Cheap cars rent a car Burgas is very simple, you need to make an online order on the Internet, it will take only a couple of minutes of your time. If necessary, customers can additionally use the equipment at a minimum price. Economy class cheap rental cars Bourgas for a certain period of time from a few days to several months.

When you book with Bravo cheap cars rent a car Burgas, you do not pay booking fees.The car hire service is available at all popular tourist areas in Bulgaria. Our customers get great value and low rates.

Cheap cars rent a car Burgas service is getting more accessible and many tourists organize their trips in Bulgaria in June, July, August, September and May. Bourgas is a convenient and strategic location with easy access to the sights. In Burgas, apart from the sea, nothing else smells. Relax, do not let bother with engagements. In any case, there is no need to worry about anything. We offer safe and convenient transportation and excellent prices. The price for renting a car is known in advance.

By using our form for finding and renting your cheap car in Burgas from 10 euros per day, you can get the best price on your rental car in Bulgaria. In addition, you have the possibility to choose the vehicle that best suits your budget. In the table you have a comparison of rent a car prices in Burgas for days. Discover the different offers and the various models for cheap cars rent a car Burgas. Тourists , who use car rental services, prefer models of small, not very big and economy class. Rent a car in Burgas Bulgaria is relatively cheap compared to the cost of all holiday in general.

There is a great demand for cheap cars rent a car Burgas. Customers prefer to rent a car at a low price. Cheap cars bookings are on the rise not only in summer season. If you are not a big company or you do not have a lot of luggage, any car of class cheap cars rent a car Burgas Bulgaria is right for your trip. These cars are compact and will meet most of your requirements. Bravo offers collection of cheap cars in Bourgas to fit any budget.

Look at the best offers for cheap rent a car Burgas with Bravo and select the vehicle for your vacation. Take it easy on your trip with Bravo. No brokers, just transparent prices. We provide the best prices online so that you can make a booking free .

Benefit from top car rental offers in Burgas. Burgas is unquestionably one of the best tourist destinations in Bulgaria, so here's everything you should know before renting a car there. The second-largest city on the Black Sea coast and the fourth-largest city in Bulgaria, but it's still very manageable, especially with a rental car. In Burgas, there are a lot of car rental agencies. They are mostly found in areas near the airport. Due to its popularity as a travel destination, Burags is home to many international and local rental companies. At Burgas Airport, Bravo provides cheap car rental services.

Book a rental car with Bravo in Bulgaria to take advantage of offers for a cheap rent a car service. Book online to save time and view our current deals for cheap cars. When you need a city car to move easily around Burgas, contact Bravo rent a car and you will see how easy it is to rent a car or a couple of days or for a month. If you do not know what type of caris the most suitable for your transport, our staff will be able to provide you with all the advice you need for the best rental choice. Cheap cars rent a car Burgas is also a a hassle-free alternative to public transport, saving you time and money while taking control of your trip.

Opel astra, Vw Golf and Toyota Yaris are top 3 rental cars. These are the cheap cars for rent in Burgas that people want more. In Bulgaria there are a lot of car rental companies, we guarantee low prices and customer convenience. At Bravo we offer cheap rent a car Burgas, near Bourgas in the resorts, in the neighboring towns and villages on the Black sea coast. Cheap cars rent a car Burgas service is available in the city. Compare deals and book cheap rent a car at the best prices and make the most of travels. If you land at Burgas airport Bulgaria and looking for cheap vehicles in Bulgaria, reserve with Bravo and save on economy, family car rental and vehicles with seven seats. The pick-up and the drop-off of the hired car at the airport is a great advantage. We make you save time with a simple and quick pick-up of your rental car, pick-up and drop-off service at the very airport at these low prices. Find cheap cars for rent a car Burgas, book online and save time and money on your trip in Bulgaria. Burgas airport Sarafovo has increased its passenger traffic. Tourist charter flights - the main activity of Burgas airport, because it serves a large number of holidaymakers in the resorts of the southern Bulgarian coast. The flight to the capital lasts 40 minutes. The bus station is near the railway station. Rent a car Burgas Bulgaria at low prices. Cheap rent a car  in Bulgaria in any city Burgas, Pomorie, Aheloy, Review, Byala, St. Vlas Elenite, Sozopol, Chernomorets.

Bravo can provide you with cheap cars in Burgas for your vacation. Bravo cheap cars gives not only the convenience of moving around within the city, but also because it allows you to y visit places a little further afield, such as the well-known seaside resort Sunny beach, Pomorie, Sozopol, Aheloy, Primorsko, St. Vlas or Obzor well-known for its very long wide beach.
Top rent a car offers in Burgas from Bravo company. You have the option of having your rental car directly at Burgas Airport or the hotel you stay in Burgas region. Explore everything that Burgas has to offer. We offer convenient locations for our Burags car rental services at Bourgas Airport BOJ, Burgas train station and all across the city. Wherever you decide to pick up your vehicle, our agents will be there to quickly and effectively so you can move on and enjoy your journey.

Toyota Yaris - a compact hatchback, manufactured by the Japanese company Toyota, the brand first appeared in 1999 and since then has been constantly improved without changing the brand. Pros of car rental in Burgas Toyota - economical, maneuverable, Apart from the fact that with this vehicle you will forget when you last visited a gas station, you will be surprised how spacious it is inside given its small size. The interesting design of the Yaris center console grabs many users.
You can rent a car in Burgas at the lowest possible prices from economy class .
With Bravo cheap cars rent a car Burgas is easy and fast to hire a car at the airport. If you rent a car for a long time, we will offer you a good low cost. Hiring a car in Burgas at good prices at Bravo at high level of service, including maximum satisfaction of the service. Our fleet consists of modern cars of different classes, both safe and comfortable. In order the process of renting a car to be convenient, we offer our customers the opportunity to rent a car at any place that meets their requirements, at the airport, hotel, railway station Burgas 7 days a week.

Arrange your cheap rent a car Burgas from class cheap and enjoy your vacation, or get anywhere in time for your business meetings. The city cars are comfortable, economical and low cost to run. Bravo economy cars are available at low prices starting from 10 EUR a day . The Opel astra , the Vw Golf are equipped with air conditioning and all the vehicle extras you need for your pleasant journey. If you need any special equipment, like a child seat, let us know and it will be included in your booking.

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