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Nesebar is located in Southeastern Bulgaria. Nessebar is an ancient city with a rich history, it was founded under the name Mesimvria. The city has been declared an architectural and archaeological reserve. Valuable historical monuments have been preserved in the Old Town. You can visit: the Archaeological Museum, the Ethnographic Museum, the Church of St. Stephen, Church of St. Spas. The new part of the city is distinguished by modern architecture, has a wide variety of accommodation facilities, restaurants, discotheques. In the southeastern part is the South Park.

Near Nessebar is Sunny Beach, Ravda, Pomorie, Sveti Vlas. Sofia - Nessebar - 407 km. Plovdiv - Nessebar - 295 km. Varna - Nessebar - 98 km. Burgas - Nessebar - 41 km. Transport On the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, Nessebar is one of the most popular tourist destinations. It's roughly 40 kilometers from Burgas, 98 kilometers from Varna, and 410 kilometers from Sofia.

There are many options for getting around the beautiful seaside town, and of course it would be most convenient with a private car.
Choosing from the various options we provide, Bravo rent a car enables you to reserve your rental car at the lowest rate for Bulgaria Nessebar and Burgas. To reserve a rental car in the airport and coastal areas, use our car rental engine. The newly built highway to Burgas makes traveling by car a pleasure. The roads are well maintained. During the summer season, traffic jams are possible during the peak hours in the middle of the day. The new roads reduce the traffic jams that were common earlier in the summer. The seaside town can also be reached by air transport.
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Restaurants , establishments
Tourists can enjoy a variety of activities in Nessebar and visit the city's numerous businesses.
The largest and most beautiful water park in Bulgaria, Paradise Aquapark, is situated on 46,000 square meters to the west of the seashore resort. On Black Sea cruises, visitors can sign up for one-day, one-week, and two-week excursions. Nearby is the so-called Action water park, which is located on 24,000 square meters in the western part of the nearby Sunny Beach resort.

In the inexhaustible restaurants that tourists can find, hidden in the narrow streets of the city or by the beach, they can try traditional Bulgarian dishes, fish delicacies and exotic cocktails. And all this in a pleasant environment and a high standard of service. The tourist services here are of the highest quality.
Nessebar is filled with numerous restaurants, taverns with folklore programs, fast food restaurants, cafes, day and night bars, variety shows, casinos and discos in the city, as well as the nearby Sunny Beach.
There are many options to go surfing, water skiing, or parachute jump for those who enjoy powerful emotions. There are several playgrounds, games, kiddie pools, and gardens throughout the town Nessebar.

Landmarks, what to visit in Nesebar
The Archaeological Museum - Nessebar The Archaeological Museum - Nessebar was established in 1956. It is included in the List of 100 National Tourist Sites and is on the 6th place in it.
The exhibition area of the museum includes a lobby and four halls. It is located at the entrance to old Nessebar.
Work time: - Monday - Friday: 9.00 - 19.00 hours - Saturday and Sunday: 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.; 13.30 - 18.00 hours
The architectural-historical and archaeological reserve Starinen Nessebar It is also included in the List of 100 National Tourist Sites (6th place). Covers the old part of Nessebar. Even before entering the old part of the city, visitors can see the city gate with remains of fortifications from the IV-VI century. They were built on old foundations from 10 centuries ago (V-IV centuries BC).

Churches in Nessebar:

- The old metropolis ("St. Sophia") - built in the fifth-sixth century. It is a three-nave basilica;
- The Church of "John the Baptist" - from the tenth-eleventh century with an architecture between a basilica and a cross-domed church; - The New Metropolis ("St. Stephen") - believed to be from the tenth-eleventh century. The frescoes in it are very well preserved. Visitors can see the majestic medieval columns, slabs, inscriptions and capitals, as well as the exterior decoration, which consists of clay cups;
- The church "St. Todor" - it is from the thirteenth century. Unfortunately, only the northern and western sides of the temple have been preserved;
- The church "St. John Aliturgitos" - from the thirteenth-fourteenth century. The temple is incredibly beautiful; - The "pantocrator" church - it is also from the thirteenth-fourteenth century. It is also a very well-preserved Medieval church; - The Church "St. Archangels Michael and Gabriel" - it is again from the thirteenth-fourteenth century. Visitors can see the outer walls, which are impressive with their ornaments; - "St. Paraskeva" Church - also from the thirteenth-fourteenth century;
- The Church of "St. Spas" - with fairly well-preserved frescoes from the fifteenth century.

Aqua Paradise, also known as Nessebar Aqua Park, is the largest water park in the country. It offers its visitors over 40 water attractions and modern facilities, as well as free parking and transportation. Guests of Nessebar Aqua Park can watch the daily shows and participate in the games. On its territory there are 4 bars offering various types of cocktails and drinks, as well as dining establishments. Its opening hours are from 10:00 to 18:00, and children under 90 cm can enter for free.

The Holiday of the town 

August 15 is the holiday of the city of Nessebar. It is celebrated with amazing musical and visual performances. The climax is an impressive show with drones that depict colorful 3D figures in the sky, and then it will end with a musical and pyrotechnic spectacle that will light up the entire bay.
If you are wondering where else to tour and with which other attractions to fill your vacation, if you are fans of acroparks, visit Aquapark Nessebar, it has over 60 attractions.
Ravadinovo Castle is another interesting location near Nessebar. It's worthwhile and intriguing to see Ravadinovo Castle. In the village of Ravadinovo, close to the Castle in Love with the Wind, lies Aquapark Neptune, which is open to guests every day from 10:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Water enthusiasts can find up to fourteen different sorts of amenities in the water park, including a typhoon slide, a thunder cruise, and an almost vertical slide. The complex also has four attractive pools, an ice cream bar, dining options and retail outlets offering swimming accessories. The all-day ticket for the water park for adults is BGN 38, and for children – BGN 20. Children under 90 cm can use the facilities for free.
In addition to the required walk down the promenade, you can visit the "Old Pomorie Houses" Architectural Reserve, the Pomorie Saltworks, the Hollow Mound, nearby Pomorie, Pomorie Lake, and the salt museum. Various other places to walk include Poroy Dam, Cape Emine, Irakli Beach, and many others.
You'll enjoy it wherever you go for a walk in the Burgas area.

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