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Reasons rent a car in Bulgaria is better for a road trip

Reasons why to choose car rental in Bulgaria. 

The main reason for choosing to rent a car in Bulgaria is the time – car rental in Bulgaria is the fastest way to get around.
The second most popular reason is the lack of a suitable transport on the respective highway.
In the third place is the comfort of the passengers - the car provides certain facilities, which other transport facilities can not afford. For example, independent travel without strangers in the vicinity, hygiene of cars and passengers, etc.
Another important factor is the long distance - for the preference of the rental car in Bulgaria a means of transport .

The assumptions influencing in the greatest degree the choice of a rental car as a vehicle are:
 It is used by people who have a real estate house, villa or apartment outside the city.
In the absence of a suitable city transport. The following is the most common type of "transport":  direct lines or routes with at most one connection the most multiple attachment .
When we rent a car, we choose routes, fast roads - without the need to go through traffic jams, in which we lose a lot of time.
Rental cars in Bulgaria are modern, clean, with working air conditioning.

Another factor that benefits rent a car in Bulgaria is the weather. During summer and autumn periods. Sunny, hot weather or rainy weather predispose to the choice of cars for the purpose of movement.

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Reasons rent a car in Bulgaria is better for a road trip
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