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Future of manual transmission cars

Will manual transmission cars disappear? 
New data shows that fewer consumers prefer manual transmission cars and some even talk about their disappearance. The manual gearbox may soon disappear from the equipment of the companies. The debate about manual gears continues. We think they will not ever disappear, purely and simply because of their cheaper production. However, we can not fail because many of the new supercar cars with automatic transmission and a manual version is often lacking. The manual transmission disappears even from sports cars. Automatic is a complex and rather expensive mechanism. The automatic transmission keeps the engine and is more economical than the manual gearbox. Every year they are getting better and better.

In our fleet there is a choice of  rental cars with automatic and manual transmission. Customers who drive home car with an automatic gearbox prefer to hire a car with automatic transmission in order to be more confident when driving. It is easier to control such cars, because they do not have a clutch pedal. Even fans of mechanical gearboxes do not mind driving a car with automatic transmission. In order to fully enjoy Bulgaria, it's best to rent a car in Bourgas. If you are used to driving a car with an automatic transmission, you can hire a car in Burgas Bulgaria to get to your destination.
Interesting is the fact that most buyers of of fast supercar GT type do not want manual transmission. Many cars are just better with automatic, but many fans still love the good old stick shift.

Manual transmission has no future. Yes, probably in the next ten years, it will continue to be up to date, but gradually the car manufacturers will give up.

In USA only 3% of consumers drive a car with a manual transmission. In fact, finding a car with a a manual gearbox in America is not so easy because only 27% of all models offer this option. Five years ago the models with stick shift in the US were 37% and 10 years ago 47 %.

The situation in Europe and Asia is slightly different - 80% of drivers prefer the manual gearbox. Europeans still prefer and drive manual transmission instead of automatic. Nevertheless, the cars with automatic transmission are increasingly entering Europe and there are two reasons for this.
--- to be continued

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Future of manual transmission cars
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