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Burgas - mud baths, Burgas Mineral Baths

Mineral Baths Burgas is one of the most famous resorts in the country, located on the southern coast. Besides the beautiful sea and spacious beaches, Burgas will surprise you with wonderful opportunities that are available in the area for medical treatment and Spa outdoors by taking mud baths.

Miraculous lye and mud act as a magnet for travellers.  Near the town are situated Bourgas mineral baths. Located 15 km. northwest. Bourgas mineral baths are beteen greenery and tranquility. This is one of the oldest spas in the Bulgaria.
Mud baths with  lye and mud can be done in the area of Sarafovo at Solnitsite Beach. The beach is located on the right side of the main road Bourgas - Sunny Beach, before Sarafovo. How to get to Solnitsite Beach Bourgas - through the Sea Garden of Burgas to north you can reach the red and black pools on foot or by bicycle along the newly made cycle path . The beach is located north of the Central beach and close to the Asenovsko lake. From Burgas you can enjoy a pleasant walk along the Black Sea coast from the North Burgas beach to Sarafovo. If we go south from the northern salt mines we will reach the pools of healing mud and lye. The place is familiar to all inhabitants of Bourgas. The beach Solhitsite can be reaced by car via the main road from Bourgas to Varna. You can hire a car from Bravo rent a car Burgas to get to the beach Solhitsite. At the entrance of the salt-mines there is parking for cars to the barrier of the Black Sea salt-mines.
Burgas salt lakes are both exotic and actually quite popular and easily accessible. Bourgas salt lakes are free and attract the interest of visitors with a variety of interests - birds and nature lovers, exotic leisure seekers, people with health problems who have heard about the famous healing mud and lye. It's good to sit in the lye for no more than 20-30 minutes to avoid overloading the heart.

The mineral water there is suitable for the treatment and prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, peripheral nervous system, chronic gastritis, and pyelonephritis, etc. Water acts beneficial and strengthen the overall condition of the body.

The mud has a favorable effect on joints, skin and gynecological problems.

The lye is another natural wonder that is used as a painkiller and toning. The lye is known for its healing properties for many years. It is used in balneology and medicine, for it is known to treat over 90 different diseases. The lye is recommended for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, peripheral nervous system, disc disease, skin diseases and many more. The lye is formed as a secondary element in the production of salt and salt pans meeting of Burgas salinas and Pomorie Lake. People enjoyed it since ancient times, and today in the summer the natural wealth is used by around 1000 people a day.

Mineral baths Vetren
Bourgas Mineral Baths are located near the town.
Next destination close to Burgas are the Mineral baths Vetren. Vetren is a quarter of Bourgas. Vetren It is located 14.5 km from the center of Burgas on the way to Sofia. Rent a car in Burgas or Bourgas airport and follow the road I-6 Burgas -Sofia. Bourgas mineral baths and Banevo are situated near Vetren. Near Vetren passes the highway "Trakia", connecting Bourgas with Sofia, which has a branch. Mineral baths park Vetren is a wonderful green area and is a great place to go for a walk, picnic, relaxation and sports.
The park has garden barbecues, wooden tables, benches, sports and playgrounds. The climate of the resort is steady with continental influence. Summer is warm and hot, winter is mild to moderately cold In the area of Vetren there are mineral springs with "healing water", which have been in existence since ancient times.

In the separate area of Mineralni Bani - between Vetren and Banevo, there is a balneological center with numerous recreation facilities and pools with spring water. The mineral baths are located 0.5 km from Vetren, next to the villa zone of the neighborhood. The mineral water in Vetren , with a temperature of 41 degrees, is a prerequisite for the many recreational and rehabilitation stations located here. The mineral water helps in rheumatism, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, diseases of the nervous system, gynecological diseases, prophylaxis and strengthening of the body. There are holiday places and sanatoriums where visitors can spend the night. The beautiful nature, combined with the mineral water and the resting places, are an attractive place for the citizens of Burgas and guests of the town.

Close to the park is the ancient and medieval town of Akva Kalide - Termopolis Burgas Mineral Baths (Aqua Calidae), which originated around the warm mineral springs in Thracian times in the first millennia B.C. The ancient buildings of the thermal baths, public buildings, a church from VI-XIII, the Justinian fortress wall, a Thracian necropolis and a sanctuary were opened on the territory of Akve Khalid. A visitor center with multifunctional halls and a museum is opened too.The mineral water that flows there is suitable for the treatment and prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the peripheral nervous system, chronic gastritis and pyelonephritis, etc. Water is also beneficial in strengthening the general condition of the body.

The temperature of the thermal water is about 41 degrees, clear and colorless, slightly mineralized with a total flow of 36 liters / sec. The main treatment factor of the resort is mineral water - characterized as hot (41 ° C), low mineralized (0,604 g / l), chloride-hydrocarbon-sodium, high alkaline reaction (pH 9,95), silicon (94 mg colloidal meta silicic acid in l). Clear, colorless, odorless and with very good drinking qualities, due to the very low water hardness (so-called "soft" water).

Indications for treatment

Indications for treatment - treatment of inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the locomotory system, conditions after bone fractures, diseases of the peripheral and central nervous system, as well as for general prevention and strengthening of the body in healthy hotel visitors - for tempering against cold infectious diseases and to increase physical and mental endurance.

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