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Wagon cars

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VW Passat 1.8

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Toyota Avensis

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Audi A4 1.8

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Opel Astra 1.6


Air conditioning
5 seats
5 doors
3 Laggage
What is included?
Unlimited mileage
Third Party Liability
Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
Theft Waiver /THW/
Paid all road taxes
Airport Fees
V.A.T. 20 %
Delivery and collection charges
Out of hours charge
Local taxes

Period 1-6
from Sep
till Jun
21 € 20 € 19 € 17 €
from Jul
till Aug
26 € 25 € 23 € 20 €

Wagon rent a car Burgas, Bulgaria
Bravo wagon rent a car Burgas provides variety of station wagon vehicles to ensure that you have every trunk option available to you. A station wagon, also is called and known as an estate car. Wagon cars are great alternatives to a small SUV, with better handling and fuel efficiency. The rental cars from wagon class offer more space than the cheap cars. They give plenty of room for 5 adults and their luggage. Seating up to 5 people, the cheap wagon rent a car Burgas is an economic and affordable method of travelling around Bulgaria.The estate vehicles are comfortable, roomy and reliable. It is ideal for your travel arrangements whils on holiday in Bulgaria. This group of vehicles are ideal for large family groups with their roomy interiors and for anyone who requires a vehicle with large luggage space.The station wagon cars are fully equipped with safety features that ensure your trips will be safe, convenient and comfortable.
Wagon cars rent a car Burgas are one of the most preferred for rental for a holiday in Bulgaria. Vw Passat station wagon offers comfortable travel for all members of family. The estate cars also known as station wagons are very practical. They are between sedan cars and SUV . All vehicles of wagon cars rent a car Burgas have air conditioning. You can choose any of wagon cars Vw Passat, Audi, Toyota avensis or Opel Astra and book online it.

Wagon rent a car Burgas Bulgaria is the most popular class of rental cars because of vehicles practicality, usefulness and comfort. Volkswagen, Opel station wagon have an increased capacity. Like the hatchback station wagon class car rental Burgas includes cars with 5 doors. The german car brand Vw Passat estate differs with comfortable and spaciours large interior. Wagon rent a car Burgas Bulgaria class is a good choice. Renting a wagon, estate car Burgas is an option worth considering if you plan to explore Burgas and its surroundings, you can drive outside Burgas free to see the many attractions in Bulgaria. If you're travelling with children, you may want to rent a wagon car Burgas with five doors and enough space for luggage, while if you're travelling in Bulgaria. Renting a car seat with your wagon car is a convenient option. You would just pick up your rental car, then pick up a car seat too.

We recommend to rent wagon cars , when you need more space for the baggage or will travel more time for maximum comfort. To rent an estate car in Burgas is not very expensive than to hire a car from economy, mini class. The difference in the price is not very big, but you will have at your disposal more comfortable vehicle to travel in Bulgaria. You deserve it. Book your station wagon car with Bravo rent a car Burgas at the best prices in the market. Station wagon cars offer great value for money, space, roomy interior cabins and lots of equipment. Compare estate cars to rent from Toyota, Ford, Audi, Opel and Volkswagen. The station wagon cars are fuel efficient , stylish and practical choice for a family vacation.
The 7 seater cars are a quality and reliable travel companion. If you want a space car, if you want a car for 7 people or for many packages, use our van rental service with a large luggage compartment! If you plan to bring a lot of suitcases, consider renting a 7-seater car van! The seven seater cars rent a car Burgas are might be the best option for comfortable travel for 5 to 7 passengers.

Wagon cars also known as a station wagon and called an estate (UK), a wagon is basically a sedan with a longer roof and more room for luggage. The station wagon cars are the favorites among families for car rental Burgas. Perfect for riding in the city or outdoors . The wagon rent a car Burgas class includes vehicles with spacious luggage area , a comfortable spacious interior interior that can seat up to five people.

Small, large and countless other criteria can be used to categorize different families, just like cars. Because of this, selecting a family car is a difficult task. Every family has unique selection standards and preferences. With Bravo rent a car Burgas you will find a car for a particular family. We provide you with a variety of rental cars because we believe that every family will select a specific model.
A station wagon is the best option for a big family. One of the most picky customer groups when selecting a car is probably families with children. These people have unique car needs for a variety of legitimate reasons. A good station wagon uses less fuel than SUVs and minivans because it is generally based on a sedan and isn't significantly larger or heavier than that sedan. Cars with room for all the luggage are popular because they are quick and efficient. A station wagon's main advantage is a low loading threshold, even though the volume of the trunk isn't all that different from an SUV's. To fit in the trunk of an SUV, the stroller must therefore be raised a little higher.

Simply put, a station wagon looks, feels, and stands like a regular car, with the exception that it can carry a lot more luggage and do so more easily. With a reasonable trunk and a lower price than a sedan, the station wagon makes a good family vehicle. The best option for a family vacation would be to rent a station wagon car at Burgas Airport.

  An estate car hire in Bulgaria will give you the independence to drive through some of the most beautiful towns along the Black Sea coast. You can book online a cheap station wagon rent a car for all major cities in Bulgaria, Burgas airport, Varna airport, Sofia airport, Plovdiv airport and for summer Black Sea Resorts .

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