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Automatic cars

Price: from 19 E /Day

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Mercedes C Eleganse 2.2

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Honda Jazz 1.4

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Mercedes C 2.0

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Opel Astra

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Toyota Yaris 1.4

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Mercedes E Eleganse

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Nissan Micra 1.4 automatic


Air conditioning
5 seats
5 doors
Power windows
What is included?
Unlimited mileage
Third Party Liability
Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
Theft Waiver /THW/
Paid all road taxes
Airport Fees
V.A.T. 20 %
Delivery and collection charges
Out of hours charge
Local taxes

Period 1-6
from Sep
till Jun
27 € 25 € 23 € 20 €
from Jul
till Aug
32 € 30 € 28 € 25 €
Automatic rent a car Burgas, Bulgaria
All cars from class automatic rent a car Burgas have an automatic transmission (also called automatic gearbox ).This type of motor vehicle transmission sets free the driver from having to shift gears manually. Bravo Burgas offers a great range on cheap automatic car in rent  in Bulgaria. At our website you'll find an automatic rent a car Burgas, Bulgaria that suits your style and your budget. Automatic cars are pleasant, easy to drive and park. They offer comfortable ride and are suitable both for continuous or short trips. Book a rental car in Bourgas with automatic transmission for the summer in Bulgaria. Simply choose the model of the car and the lease term. Bravo rent a car Burgas offers car hire service at Bourgas Airport, Bourgas and Bourgas region. Mercedes is a stylish and comfortable car for city traffic and on long distances. The car is equipped with automatic transmission, parktronic. The high level of its quality lets every driver feel the true joy of car driving. From 1 September till June 30 rent a car in Burgas Mercedes at low price! Price from 15 euros per day. All automatic cars for hiring in Burgas offer a comfortable ride and are suitable for both long and short journeys. Jump in and drive up the Black Sea coast to the seaside towns of Burgas region.
Should you hire an automatic or manual gearbox on your next car rental? If you drive a car with an automatic transmission at home, you should consider an automatic car rent a car Burgas. If you need a car that will make you less tired in traffic then hire a car with automatic gearbox. The cars with automatic transmission become more popular each year . Many people like automatic gearboxes for the convenience they offer. You can stick the car in D and forget about the clutch . The world has seen the rise in the sale of cars with automatic and going forward the buyers to prefer automatic over cars with manual transmission. Automatic transmission gives you a peace of mind in traffic.

Automatic transmissions and air conditioning are the features that come with all these rental cars. Many of the Bravo rental cars Burgas are available to be taken straight at Burgas airport. Rental cars with automatic transmission make your driving very easy . The cars with automatic transmission are the most wanted for renting and are on big demand .

An automatic gearbox was the preserve of larger, more luxurious and expensive cars, but buyers can now choose a self-changing gearbox in smaller, cheaper cars too. The myth that an automatic car is less fuel efficient than the manual is not true. Modern electronic technology have made it possible for an automatic car to give almost the same mileage as a manual driven car. In many cases the automatic cars tend to perform better on the mileage front as there is no human intervention on the gearbox. Fuel efficiency on modern cars is almost the same on a manual or an automatic car.

Manual or automatic transmission car hire Burgas? If you’re planning to hire a car, you drive an automatic car you’re likely thinking about having to deal with an automatic transmission. Driving an automatic car can often feel much simpler once you know how the gears are operated. The automatic transmission is a revolutionary technology in the vehicle industry. Use our on-line booking system and select from our available automatic cars rent a car Burgas Honda Jazz, Vw Golf, Mercedes C, BMW3, Nissan , Opel Astra cosmo with an automatic transmission .Some of our most popular locations for pickup are Burgas airport, Pomorie, Sunny Beach, Ravda, Nessebur, Aheloy, Sozopol and car hire Burgas town. Bravo rent a car Burgas offers plenty of choice for those who require an automatic with numerous pickup locations. Driving a car, especially on a family holiday, can be easier with hiring an automatic car over a manual one. Hire a a car with an automatic transmission for cheap car rental in Burgas with Bravo Bulgaria.

Automatic cars are available in all sizes, including small city cars, hatchback, family and large station wagons. Hire one of these cars from class Automatic cars in Burgas for the time and period that you have selected and let us know whether you'd like to pick it up at one of our locations or have it delivered at a specific place. Today, cars with automatic gearboxes are almost perfect and the manufacturers of sports cars bet exactly to them for supercars because switching gears are instantaneous and there is no one who can manually switch gears so quickly and at the right moment. In fact, Ferrari no longer manufactures sports cars with manual transmissions. If you want to hire a small car with automatic transmission, Toyota Yaris class automatic cars Burgas is right for you, you don't have to think about changing gear . The automatic cars are generally more simple to operate than manual transmissions and is more comfortable for driver. When you make a reservation for a car from automatic cars Burgas class, we guarantee that vehicle comes with automatic transmission .
If you are driving a car with automatic transmission at home, we recommend that you choose and rent an automatic one in Bulgaria. With our automatic cars, drivers do not need to change gears, as the automatic gearbox does all the work for you.
Finding a car rental company is not difficult, but keep in mind that automobile with automatic transmission are in high demand. If you are used to drive an automatic car, it is better to book and rent a car with an automatic transmission. Driving a car with automatic gear box can be easier on your body and mind .

 If you need an automatic car rental for your stay in Bulgaria, check our cheap prices for automatic gearbox cars and choose your automatic hire car from Bravo rent-a-car.Cheap rent a car Bourgas from Bravo car hire. Automatic rent a car in Bourgas is a very convenient and affordable service. Hiring a car with automatic transmission in the city will save you from the inconvenience of public transport, from the heat and will allow you to enjoy your vacation to the fullest. If you're searching for an automatic car hire in Burgas Bulgaria, you may notice there are a lot more manual cars available than automatic. As a result, the rental of an automatic car is more expensive. Deliveries are possible in every city: you can start your automatic rental in Burgas airport, Varna airport, Sofia airport, Plovdiv airport Sunny Beach, Nessebar, Ravda, St. Vlas, Elenit , Sozopol and many other locations as well as hotel deliveries.

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